A Dynamic Valve With Endless Configurations

A Dynamic Valve With Endless Configurations

The CircuitSolver®, a market-leading thermostatic and self-actuating balancing valve,  continuously monitors water temperatures and automatically adjusts flow through domestic hot water recirculation systems to maintain a set temperature at the end of each supply branch, effectively eliminating the need for manual balancing. CircuitSolver®, the fast-acting, dynamic valve, easily accommodates system demand variations by directing hot water where it is needed, ensuring instant hot water delivery across many floors and fixtures.

Offered in a variety of sizes and configurations including ball valves, integrated unions, check valves, strainers, and ProPress® ends, the CircuitSolver® effortlessly fits into any new or existing DHWS design.

Offering & Optional Configurations

With a variety of sizes and configurations available, the CircuitSolver® valve caters to your unique design specifications and individual needs.

CircuitSolver® (CS)
Our tried and trusted original balancing valve.

CircuitSolver® Union (CSU)
Integrated union and optional check valve to reduce the number of system components being installed.

CircuitSolver® Union Assembly (CSUA)
Adds isolation ball valves on either end of the CSU for easy install and service.

CircuitSolver® Union Strainer Assembly (CSUSA)
Integrated strainer for dirt or particulates to facilitate system start up and protect valve components and operation.

CircuitSolver® with Viega ProPress®
Seamless integration into ProPress® systems.

CircuitSolver® Thermometer Assembly
Monitors system temperature with an easy-to-read dial for instant hot water temperature verification.