CircuitSolver Install: Mental Health Institute of Quebec

CircuitSolver Install: Mental Health Institute of Quebec Case Study

The below CircuitSolver install case study features a project from our neighbors in the North:

Installation Site Overview

iusmg 300x167 - CircuitSolver Install: Mental Health Institute of Quebec
Aerial View of IUSMQ

The Mental Health Institute of Quebec (IUSMQ) is a hospital specializing in psychiatric care. Founded in Quebec City in 2009, the facility has more than 500 beds for short-term and long-term psychiatric care.

IUSMQ is a large building with up to 6 floors in some wings and a total floor area of about 160,000 m². To accommodate changing staff and patient needs, the IUSMQ’s main pavilion was recently renovated, with updates being made to the domestic hot water recirculation system.

The Opportunity

Instead of implementing an army of traditional hot water heaters to supply the sprawling facility, IUSMQ’s water supply is heated by a hospital-owned power plant and distributed throughout its wings and floors.

To account for the heat loss that occurred as the hot water traveled through the building’s long recirculation lines, the power plant had to intentionally “overheat” the water being delivered to IUSMQ.

However, as a result of new standards and regulations, the hospital was required to adjust the temperature of incoming water to a safer level.

According to the building’s consultant, André Renaud, this resulted in the hospital experiencing a lack of hot water in some areas.

The Installation

Renaud initially reviewed the recirculation system to determine the fixed flow rate needed to offset heat loss and consumption. According to his calculations, the main recirculation piping would not be able to withstand the high flow rate required due to the risk of premature erosion of the copper piping.

Due to this, the consultant chose to replace the system’s fixed flow valves with 108 CircuitSolvers. sizes 300x131 - CircuitSolver Install: Mental Health Institute of Quebec
Installed in-line, CircuitSolver is a self-actuating, thermostatic recirculation valve that automatically and continuously adjusts flow to maintain a specified temperature at the end of each domestic hot water supply line.

CircuitSolver bases dynamic flow rates solely on fluid temperature, easily accommodating for passive system heat loss and demand fluctuations, with no need for re-balancing.

By switching to the CircuitSolver, Renaud eliminated the labor and guesswork associated with the manual balancing of fixed flow valves.

The Result

After a quick and easy install and almost instantaneous automatic balancing, hot water is now available throughout the entire main pavilion on demand.

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