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New HQ2 Site Install
Joe Sargent, Onsite Plumbing Superintendent, recently completed a project where he installed CircuitSolver balancing valves in the hot water recirculating system of a large e-commerce company’s headquarters in Virginia. “CircuitSolver eliminates the amount of work you must do in the field.”
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California Laboratory Remodel
In 2017, a pharmaceutical laboratory in California replaced its HVAC unit and installed our Drain Tempering Valves to cool the water from the humidifier before it went down the drain. The DTV worked perfectly because it’s such a compact installation. “It is one of those valves nobody else would appreciate without understanding the simplicity of this solution and installation,”said Ed Parisi, Plumbing Design Manager at ICS (Industrial Commercial Systems).
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LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel
Deep in the heart of Southern California resides a castle. At the LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel at the LEGOLAND® California Resort, they host many visitors from far-off lands, and CircuitSolver had a hand in delighting children of all ages in this magical place. At this whimsical 3-story hotel in Carlsbad, Ed Parisi, Plumbing Design Manager at ICS, installed CircuitSolver valves in this new construction project. “At ICS, CircuitSolver is our standard balancing valve for all projects,” Parisi notes.
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Tupelo Honey Cafe
“You install the CircuitSolver, set it, and forget it,” Eric McTee of ME Engineers remarks on the simplicity of the CircuitSolver. Operating largely in buildings with commercial kitchens, Eric prefers CircuitSolver due to the mitigation of potential accidents that could lead to failures in hot water circulation. Eric claims that because of the simplistic design and installation, you reap a better-performing system that you don’t need to stress over.
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USF Dormitory Hall
When Beacon Hall, the newest dormitory edition on the University of South Florida’s campus, opened, it had an evident hot water supply problem. It was said there were nearly half an hour wait times for their showers to heat, which was a massive waste of water on the university’s behalf and inconvenienced students. Mike Bishop, VP of Engineering at RGB Consulting Engineers, determined manual balancing valves were the main roadblock and recommended the CircuitSolver. Since installation, the complaints of cold water and excessive water usage from a constant operation have halted.
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Hilton Garden Inn Denver
The Hilton Garden Inn was experiencing nearly half of their hotel facing hot water supply issues. When the fluctuations became more prominent, they turned to Braconier, a plumbing contractor in the Denver area. Chris Watts, Plumbing Service Manager at Braconier, identified a complete lack of system balancing where hot water took the path of least resistance. Rather than rebalancing its existing system, the hotel opted for over 30 CircuitSolver valves to alleviate the persisting problem.
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St. Elizabeth Healthcare Edgewood
For years, St. Elizabeth Healthcare Edgewood had battled with an unreliable delivery of hot water to a number of their branches across the medical campus. To address this issue, MarkCo Plumbing was brought in and installed about 90 CircuitSolver valves at the end of every branch, replacing the manual balancing valves. After the successful CircuitSolver installation, St. Elizabeth Healthcare Edgewood now has access to an on-demand hot water supply in all wings, on every floor, and at every fixture.
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The Austonian
Standing 65 floors and 680 feet tall, the largest residential building west of the Mississippi River was experiencing hot water delivery issues. With reports of up to 3-minute warm-water wait times, an effective solution was immediately demanded. CircuitSolver valves were installed throughout the entire building as well as individual units, which in turn resulted in a dramatic reduction in warm water wait times, as well as utility costs for the tenants.
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Mental Health University Institute of Quebec
Supplied the hospital’s power plant, historically, the hot water was “overheated” at the source to account for the heat loss over its long recirculation lines.
According to the Building’s Consultant, André Renaud, standards and regulations required the hospital to readjust the water temperature to an acceptable level, which resulted in the hospital experiencing a lack of hot water in some sectors. To alleviate this issue, 108 CircuitSolver valves were installed where the previously fixed flow valves lived. Hot water is now available throughout the entire main pavilion on demand.
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Inspira Health
As new construction, contractors relied on the expert advice of the design engineers to specify products that would meet the needs of a dynamic healthcare DHWR system. The CircuitSolver Union Assembly Strainer (CSUAS) balancing valve was specified at 140°F to satisfy the design’s hot water requirements and reduce installation time. In accordance with the project specifications, MMC Contractors installed 102 CircuitSolver Union Assembly Strainers throughout the system, saving significant time by not having to install each component manually. Soon after startup, the facility was supplied with hot water throughout the building without balancing procedures.
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Berks Center for Digestive Health
The need for instantaneous hot water delivery in a medical facility is an absolute necessity. As a retrofitted building, engineers were tasked with designing a completely new domestic hot water system to meet these demands. The solution was simple: More than 60 CircuitSolver valves were installed at the end of each branch to ensure efficient hot water delivery, all while keeping corrosion and erosion of pipes at a minimum. Now, the system coherently delivers hot and tepid water to over 70 fixtures, which include sinks, safety showers, and mop basins.
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The Industrialist Hotel
Hot water delivery in hotels is essential, especially when your reputation depends on it. Ron Dombrowski, Superintendent of Ryco Inc. (the project’s plumbing contractor), ensured there wouldn’t be a blemish on the hotel’s character. Over 150 CircuitSolver valves had been fitted throughout the entire building at the end of each room’s return to guarantee instantaneous hot water delivery. Since opening on June 2, 2021, The Industrialist Hotel has not received a single complaint about hot water availability.
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