How CircuitSolver Valves Work

Traditional manual balancing valves often fall short of meeting the dynamic hot water needs of domestic hot water recirculation systems. Manual balancing is typically achieved by combining several contractors’ efforts to repeatedly balance and re-balance the system to achieve the required flow in a static environment during start-up. This balancing process results in hefty labor costs and frequent callbacks as the dynamics of system usage render the initial balancing inadequate.

While manual balancing methods are suitable in theory, they flounder in practice; inflated labor costs and the inability to react to dynamic changes in the Domestic Hot Water System (DHWS) highlight these inefficiencies.

Thermostatic Balancing – Install it and Forget it!

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To conquer the challenges inherent to traditional manual balancing methods, ThermOmegaTech® invented CircuitSolver®, the market’s first thermostatic balancing valve.

CircuitSolver® automatically balances a Domestic Hot Water System (DHWS) by modulating flow to maintain a set water temperature at the end of each supply branch or riser, eliminating the need for manual balancing while ensuring instant hot water delivery to each fixture.

Using our patented Thermoloid® blended paraffin wax actuator, CircuitSolver® continuously monitors the water temperature and automatically adjusts flow as conditions change to send hot water where needed to accommodate demand variations.

Installed in-line at the end of each branch or riser before the return, the CircuitSolver® utilizes a thermal actuator to modulate the valve open and closed* in response to temperature variations to control water flow to the return.

When the water temperature falls below the valve’s set-point, the CircuitSolver® modulates open to allow more water to flow. As the water approaches the valve’s set-point temperature again, the CircuitSolver® automatically modulates towards its closed* position.

*Note: The valve will never fully close, allowing a small flow bypass to the return to avoid dead-heading the recirculation pump.

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A Temperature Solution to a Temperature Problem

During the initial start-up of a Domestic Hot Water System (DHWS), this modulation will allow additional flow to the branches still in need of hot water, ensuring a thermally balanced system. Each valve operates independently during post-startup operation, establishing flow as needed to meet the system’s variable hot water demands throughout the day. Your system is initially balanced in hours, not days, and stays balanced even as conditions change.

CircuitSolver® thermostatic balancing valves can also balance the return flow between the master mixing valve and the water heater. Go to the Balancing a DHWS Return with CircuitSolver page to learn more about this application.

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  • Industry-leading 3-year warranty
  • Constructed entirely of stainless steel
  • Ensures hot water is rapidly delivered to all faucets
  • Eliminates manual balancing
  • Eliminates the need to oversize recirculation pumps
  • Minimizes velocity induced erosion of pipes, valves & fittings
  • Reduces installation and maintenance costs
  • Promotes effective water conservation


  • All Components are NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 or NSF 372 Certified
  • Lead Free
  • Massachusetts Board of Approval
  • Compliant with Section 1417(d) of SDWA, the Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Complies with Section 116875 of the California Health & Safety Code
  • Supports efforts toward LEED Certification
  • Complies with the Buy American Act


Discover how CircuitSolver® will significantly improve the performance, savings, and durability of your building’s domestic hot water system. To learn more about CircuitSolver® and its application in your projects, please get in touch with our team of plumbing product experts.

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