Your CircuitSolver® FAQs – Answered!

Your CircuitSolver® FAQs – Answered!

We frequently receive questions about DHWS design, CircuitSolver® applications, and our other plumbing products during calls with our representative agencies. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Q1: Do you have to use CircuitSolver® with a variable speed recirculation pump?

A1: No, CircuitSolver®s may be installed in systems using standard fixed speed or variable speed recirculation pumps. However, some features of a variable speed pump, also known as a “smart” pump, can be an excellent match with CircuitSolver®s.

Q2: What happens during system start-up when using a fixed speed pump and CircuitSolver®?

A2: At startup, CircuitSolver®s are fully open, therefore GPM is high and head loss is low, allowing the system to balance quickly. As water temperature rises to the CircuitSolver®’s set-point the valve modulates “closed”, adding friction/head loss and reducing the flow from the pump. As a result, the flow required to offset heat loss will be satisfied.

Q3: How do you size the recirculation pump in systems with CircuitSolver®?

A3: Pumps should be appropriately sized to offset total system heat loss, whether it is a fixed speed or variable speed pump. Systems should not be sized for start-up, they should be sized for normal operation of the recirculation system. The CircuitSolver® Design Guide can help you calculate flow, pressure loss, and the recirculation pump size of your system. The design guide is available on our website’s plumbing specs page here.

Q4: Can CircuitSolver® work in the same recirculation system as an aquastat?

A4: Yes, CircuitSolvers® are able to function in systems with aquastats, however ASHRAE, ASPE, and OSHA strongly advise against turning off recirculation pumps with aquastats.

Q5: Do you have BIM and Revitt files on your website?

A5: Yes! CircuitSolver® BIM and Revitt files are available on our website’s plumbing specs page here:

The answers to more CircuitSolver® FAQs can be found on our website:

If you have any additional product or applications questions, please do not hesitate to email or call.