ThermOmegaTech® Releases CircuitSolver® Union Assembly ProPress®

New CircuitSolver® Union Assembly ProPress® combines CircuitSolver® balancing technology and Viega ProPress® ends.

ThermOmegaTech®, a world leader in the design and manufacture of self-actuating, thermostatic valve technology, adds the CircuitSolver® Union Assembly ProPress (CSUA-PP) to its distinguished line of products.

The CircuitSolver® is a domestic hot water system balancing valve that continuously and automatically adjusts the flow through each

CSUA PP TOT Handles 1450x300 1024x212 - ThermOmegaTech® Releases CircuitSolver® Union Assembly ProPress®

 branch of a water recirculation system to maintain the specified temperature at the end of each branch, regardless of fluctuations in demand. The CSUA-PP combines the CircuitSolver® technology professionals’ trust and Viega® ProPress ends for improved ease of installation.

Lauren Berenato, Commercial Plumbing Product Manager at ThermOmegaTech® says, “The CircuitSolver® product line is revolutionizing the plumbing industry by making domestic hot water system balancing automatic and continuous. The CSUA-PP’s Viega ProPress® ends makes it even easier for tradesmen to implement our technology into their systems, saving them time and labor costs.”

Each CSUA-PP incorporates Viega’s Smart Connect Technology. Identifiable by a small dot on each ProPress® end, it allows installers to easily identify un-pressed connections during installation. The CircuitSolver® Union Assembly ProPress is lead-free, resistant to corrosion, and all components are NSF 61 Certified. In addition, each and every CSUA-PP valve is leak tested prior to leaving the factory and comes equipped with long service life and a 3-year warranty.

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