STVM Washsown Station FAQs

ThermOmegaTech®’s STVM® Washdown Station utilizes a silent type venture mixing valve to combine steam and water together to produce a user defined temperature. This ingeniously designed product is efficient, easy to maintain, and most importantly safe – a necessary addition to any facility that uses washdown stations.

Designed to have a quick startup time and an even shorter downtime, the STVM® features an interchangeable cartridge for ease of maintenance. Unlike other manufacturer’s washdown stations that require a specialized tool and the user to take the unit off the wall to perform regular maintenance, ThermOmegaTech®’s STVM® Washdown Station requires only a standard wrench and doesn’t need to be moved from its point of installation. Simply unscrew the cartridge from the top of the unit, put in a new cartridge, and the unit is up and running within moments.

As the STVM unit uses steam to heat water, personnel safety is a top priority. If the cold-water supply to the unit is interrupted the thermostatic mixing valve will sense the over-temperature flow and close off, preventing operation. The valve will remain closed until the cold water supply is restored, after which it will automatically open and re-establish flow, protecting both personnel and equipment.

STVM image 168x300 - STVM Washsown Station FAQsFrequently Asked Questions about the STVM Washdown Station:

Q: What is the difference between a 150°F unit and a 185°F unit?
A: These numbers indicate the unit’s over-temperature shutoff point, typically due to a sudden lack of a cold-water supply. Once the unit’s thermostatic actuator senses its set shut-off temperature (either 150°F or 185°F, depending on the model) the internal mixing valve will modulate closed and stop the flow. Only after the cold-water supply has been restored to the unit will the valve modulate open and re-establish flow. The unit’s over-temperature shutoff point is not field adjustable.

Q: How can we make the unit’s downtime for maintenance even shorter?
A: Keep a spare cartridge on hand! Don’t wait for the STVM® Washdown Station to require maintenance to order a new cartridge as the lead time will result in the unit being out of service until the new cartridge is received. By keeping a spare cartridge on hand the station’s downtime is minimized, allowing personnel to get back to work sooner.
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