CircuitSolver® Case Study: Eric McTee of ME Engineers, Inc

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Eric McTee of ME Engineers, Inc in Boulder, Colorado 

As a Project Manager at ME Engineers, Plumbing Designer Eric McTee, CPD, is responsible for all aspects of a plumbing system’s design for new constructions and remodeling projects. In domestic hot water recirculation systems, McTee specifies CircuitSolver® thermostatic balancing valves. “I try to have CircuitSolver specified on as many jobs as possible due to its simplicity of it,” states McTee.

Some notable projects where he specified CircuitSolver® are the Laurel Cherry Creek Condominiums in Denver, the Broomfield Service Center, the Tupelo Honey Cafe in Denver, and Lucky Strike Bowling Centers in multiple locations.

McTee, an ASPE Denver Chapter member, first learned of CircuitSolver® from a manufacturer’s representative in 2014. “Straight from the beginning, I liked how it was a simple product that makes balancing a domestic hot water recirculation system really easy; it’s easy for the contractor and easy for the owner,” McTee says. “You install the CircuitSolver®, set it, and forget it. You do not have to worry about the system accidentally being knocked out of balance. I enjoy having a product that allows the system to work seamlessly,” McTee states.

McTee points out that once installed, the system is balanced. There is no way for the owner or a maintenance worker to adjust the valve accidentally and then need to call a balancing contractor to get the system back in line. “That is the number one cause of hot water circulation failures that I have seen,” states McTee.

“The initial cost of the CircuitSolver® is a little higher than a traditional balancing valve, but installation is faster and cheaper.

The system is already balanced and does not require a balancing contractor. [With CircuitSolver®,] you get a better-performing system that you do not have to worry about,” McTee emphasized.

“Any owner planning to hold onto a building for a long time needs to look past the initial cost and look at life-cycle cost. CircuitSolver® would save them money in the long run.” McTee typically specifies the CircuitSolver® assemblies with check valves because it makes it super easy for the contractors to install.

When asked what he likes most about these balancing valves, McTee said, “Compared to manual balancing valves, it is just a superior product. You will get better performance and system longevity out of it since you do not have to worry about rebalancing in the future. I really like the valves…because it makes [the system] easy to control. It is a product I will continue to specify for the rest of my career.”

Download the PDF: Testimonial Eric McTee of ME Engineering CircuitSolver Case Study 2022