New E-Commerce HQ Install CSUAS for Hot Water on Demand

Joe Sargent, Onsite Plumbing Superintendent of W.E. Bowers of Beltsville, Maryland, recently completed a project where he installed CircuitSolver balancing valves in the hot water recirculating system of a large e-commerce company’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. This new construction project began in June 2020 and consisted of two 22-story office buildings. The first phase of the project opened to the public earlier this year.

“I chose CircuitSolver valves because of the ease of installation and the lack of maintenance needed for this product,” Sargent explains. “We installed around 70-80 CSUAS.”

AdobeStock 342515250 breaking fround for ecommerce site 300x200 - New E-Commerce HQ Install CSUAS for Hot Water on Demand
The site for the new e-commerce HQ2 in Arlington, Virginia.

The CircuitSolver® Union Assembly with Strainer (CSUAS) features a union with an optional check valve built into the body of the CircuitSolver, particulate filter, and isolation ball valves on either side to reduce the number of system components to be installed and minimize potential leak points.

“I like that they come fully assembled, so there’s not much that my guys or I have to do to install them in-line in the piping,” he says.

Sargent explains that the valves were installed quickly and balanced the system quickly. “Once the rough-in was done and all the equipment was energized, we could circulate hot water immediately,” he said. “They eliminate extra work, extra time, and extra walking around and coordination. I haven’t had any problems with them at all; it’s hard to mess up. Just look at the direction of the flow.”

Before using CircuitSolver balancing valves, he and his team would have to wait for the water balancers to go to every location and balance the circulating water. Now, they can skip that step of the process.

ecommerce HQ2 Arlington VA 2023 AdobeStock 623510766 300x200 - New E-Commerce HQ Install CSUAS for Hot Water on Demand
The new e-commerce site HQ2 in Arlington, Virginia.

About eight years ago, Sargent learned about CircuitSolver when he first saw them in a water piping submittal. He now recommends them due to their ease of installation, plus lack of maintenance.

“I have installed them on my last three projects in the past eight years. I would recommend CircuitSolver to anyone who wants to listen to me! They won’t be disappointed. Once they are installed, there will be no reason to go back to them for maintenance,” he notes. “CircuitSolver eliminates the amount of work you must do in the field.”

Download the Case Study PDF here.

CircuitSolver® balancing valves have many features and accessories. To see the full CircuitSolver line, visit the plumbing products page.


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