CircuitSolver® Balancing Valve: A Customer Favorite

The dynamically designed CircuitSolver® balancing valve is sweeping the nation, with thousands of installations and lots of happy customers from coast to coast with instant hot water at their fixtures!

CircuitSolver® thermostatic balancing valves are proven to effectively balance DHWS flow and deliver instant hot water, regardless of real-life demand fluctuations. Replacing the headache and callbacks commonly associated with manual balancing, CircuitSolver’s dynamic design save time & money, eliminate callbacks, and keep users happy!

Customers Are LOVING The CircuitSolver® Balancing Valve

“With CircuitSolver®, we could see results quickly. The valves were fully open during startup and gradually closed as each valve reached its set temp, rapidly getting hot water to each line.” – Kavli Institute UCSB

“With the CircuitSolver®, the flow rates are negligible compared to the 20-gallon per minute you would want to have with these 47 floor risers.” – Rittenhouse Hill Apartment Buildings

“A project this size would take 3 or 4 plumbers per building at least 2 weeks to get the system perfectly balanced. With CircuitSolver®, we were able to balance it automatically in much less time.” – USC Student Housing

“I haven’t come across another product like CircuitSolver®. Once you install them you never have to adjust it unlike manual balancing valve where you have to balance every single valve you install.” – Da Vinci Project

“Before we installed CircuitSolver®, we would have wait times between 5-7 minutes for hot water on the higher floors. We received a lot of complaints and would comp between 10-12 rooms a month. Since we’ve installed CircuitSolver® we are getting hot water when we need it and have not had a single compliant. It’s a great product. I’ve never used anything like it.” – Embassy Suites

Past CircuitSolver® Installation Projects:

Click on the images below to read real case studies on how CircuitSolver® saved building owners the headache and cost of manual balancing in their domestic hot water recirculation systems.

Inspira Health - CircuitSolver® Balancing Valve: A Customer Favorite           IUSMQ - CircuitSolver® Balancing Valve: A Customer Favorite

St Elizabeth Healthcare - CircuitSolver® Balancing Valve: A Customer Favorite           The Austonian - CircuitSolver® Balancing Valve: A Customer Favorite