Austonian Austin TX - CircuitSolver® Thermostatic Balancing Valve
50 West St NY - CircuitSolver® Thermostatic Balancing Valve
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Seattle University Residence Hall - CircuitSolver® Thermostatic Balancing Valve
UVA hospital VA - CircuitSolver® Thermostatic Balancing Valve

CircuitSolver® Thermostatic Balancing Valve

Balancing domestic hot water recirculation systems has never been easier with CircuitSolver® – the market’s first and leading thermostatic balancing valve.

Domestic Hot Water System Balancing

CircuitSolver® is a thermostatic, self-actuating balancing valve that automatically and continuously adjusts the flow of a domestic hot water recirculation system to maintain a specified temperature at the end of each branch or riser. CircuitSolver® regulates flow in response to heat loss and demand fluctuations, reducing labor time and eliminating callbacks.

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Drain Tempering Valve (DTV)

Drain water from commercial equipment that exceeds 140°F (60°C) must be sufficiently tempered down before entering public sewers to comply with plumbing regulations and prevent damage to PVC piping. The drain tempering valve (DTV) is installed in-line to monitor effluent continuously and automatically apportion cold water flow, simplifying code compliance.

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ESS Water Heater for Safety Showers

The ESS Water Heater is a packaged system designed to satisfy ANSI Z358.1-2014 requirements for tepid water delivery to an emergency drench system. The unit uses the Therm-O-Mix® WWM Mixing Valve to combine hot and cold water to an OSHA-compliant 85°F (29.4°C) and will continue to do so even if electricity is interrupted.

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